martes, 8 de febrero de 2011

No. Never No.

AloneBeing apart from others; solitary. Being without anyone or anything else; only. 
Accompanied. To go or be together with; attend.

Two antonyms words, two similar words depending with who, when? 

But what about now about all this things that can perfectly be on a trial, all this things that we judge but that we think on it every night and day, in every dream and real thought, and we think, what the fuck!?

And really this stupids things never come to an end because life dont have a real ending. So stop ignoring this, think. About you, your life, your forever alone, or always accompained. You can manage the future, destiny does not exist, destiny was invented by people, so lets change it, as we build it. Já. 

Never stop nothing.
Always begin something.

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