viernes, 26 de noviembre de 2010

Go away

Just leave, leave from this world dissapear. Go away, fly on your own. Grow up and change. Once I dreammed off, something some changes in my life, you were not in this dream. In this dream you didnt appear, you just even dissapear, I did not look for you, or care of it any more. I was happy then, and all that really heart me, flyed, flyed away from these hate bottle. I would like to see this dream come truth, please just leave from my way. I just need to be happy. If I am childish, what is your adjective then?
I didnt wanted this really, I just wanted a change, new people, new friends, relations, differency. But you have transformed all of this in a competition, who wins this? and why?
I am not going to say that I dont care of this, I want an answer, because you were normal, may be something similar to a friend, Yes I care of it. I want a solution. please.

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