miércoles, 1 de diciembre de 2010


Only some days I think about it. And I really think this is bodering me day by day, week by week. So, you know what? Bye, I would not waste my time thinking, thinking about you and this stupid things.
It is time for changes, yes, I am other now, I know I am not as you want me to be. But its what I want, and you just fuck off.
Now is my time, I would not go back thinking about your stupid things, I would not smell your bloody ass. That is what I mean, you feel like if you were best than me or you act like this was truth, but it's not.
I know I have to be my self, so now I am. Proud or not, I would continue like this. trying to be amazing, making other people laugh, NO! why? (Hey, hey, heyheyhey) I dont care what people say, I just wanna look another way. Bye bye, other me. Welcome ME to my life, were problems happen but I dont want to think of them.

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